April 24 -25 – Exploring Musubi and Soft Ukemi
A Seminar with Charles Colten, 4th Dan

Charles Colten began his Aikido training at Aikido of Madison in 1986. His primary influences are Sensei(s) Seishiro Endo (from whom he received 4th dan), Jan Nevelius, Mary Heiny, Jorma Lyly, Mitsugi Saotome, Hiroshi Ikeda, Seigo Okamoto, John Stone, and Robin Cooper.  As the Director and Chief Instructor at Aikido in the Schools, Charles is based in New York City, and he travels regularly to train and teach in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. This workshop will focus on the elements of musubi and soft ukemi.

Fee: $25 per class or $75 for the weekend

Date Time
April 25 6:30 – 8 PM
April 26 10 AM – Noon
2:30 – 4 PM
April 27 10 AM – Noon
Yudansha Training

These classes are primarily intended for people training for a yudansha exam or for anyone interested in working on advanced skills, such as weapons taking, randori, jiyu waza, kaeshi waza, etc. They are tentatively planned for the fourth Sunday of each month (where possible), starting at 10 AM and lasting about 1.5 hours. Students from other dojos are welcome. Note: these dates are tentative, so be sure to check with us before you decide to come.

  • May 18
  • June 29
  • July 27
  • August 31

Kyu Testing

Kyu (non-black belt) testing is generally held on the first Saturday every third month. The currently-scheduled dates for kyu tests are:
  • January 4
  • April 5
  • July 12
  • October 4