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Try Aikido Today!

(The dojo will be open for new students in July, 2021.)

The 4 Week Trial Aikido Course is for beginning students interested in trying Aikido for the first time. New beginning students are more than welcome to enjoy this trial offer for four weeks of classes at Aikido of Madison at any time! We ask that you first observe at least one Aikido class before joining. For your convenience and planning, here is a link to our class schedule. For children, check out our children and youth program.

If you’re an adult or young adult interested in joining along with other new beginning students, twice each year we offer an introductory course. Click here to read more about our Introduction to Aikido Course. Want to try aikido right away? We also offer a “trial month” at a reduced rate.

Here’s how to give us a try:
Our trial month introductory offer may be used to attend 8 classes during any 4 week period. You may choose the class times that work best for you. The introductory rate is $50.00, a $25 discount on the regular monthly rate. (The introductory rate is $35, a $15 discount, for students enrolled in school or college.)

And as a special bonus, if you join our school after your 4-week introduction we will waive our $15 joining fee.

You can “mix and match” classes to fit your schedule from the following times:

Monday / Wednesday: 6:00-7:00 AM
Tuesday/ Thursday: 12:00-1:00 PM
Monday Evening: 6:30-7:30 PM
Wednesday Evening: 7:00-8:00 PM

Details for Mixing and Matching Classes: All of the Monday & Tuesday classes in a given week cover the same material and the same is true for the Wednesday & Thursday classes. Mixing days/times works well as long as you do one Mon/Tues and one Weds/Thurs class.

Friday Weapons Class
For the duration of the class, participants are also welcome at Friday weapons class (6:15-7:15) which will feature special introductory material. These classes are optional and the material covered is not part of the main course progression.

The only prerequisite is to watch a class before participating in this special offer. This offer is only for students new to Aikido and may only be used one time.

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