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Barb Brown Sensei, (5th degree black belt)

Barb Sensei had been studying at another school when she happened to train with a student who trained at Aikido of Madison. She found herself on the mat with no pain, but a deep curiosity. After experiencing the other students’ smooth, connected movements, Barb changed schools and began her training at Aikido of Madison.

After earning her Shodan, Barb Sensei founded our morning classes at Aikido of Madison. At the same time she started training with East Madison Karate. Through this cross training experience she gained a new understanding of openings. This had a profound influence on her training and teaching.
Barb Sensei is interested in how we can continue to train as we age and our physical abilities change. She was awarded the rank of godan in 2017 and holds the rank of nidan in Karate from East Madison Martial Arts, LLC.

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