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Fees at Aikido of Madison:

Fees are listed below. Monthly dues payments are due by the first of every month. In the event of a hardship, please talk to John or Robin Sensei about modified payment arrangements or scholarship opportunities. For questions or details, please contact AOM via the online contact form.

Adult Membership: Ages 12+
Regular: $80/month
Student: $55/month (Enrolled home, middle or high school, college or trade school, etc.)

Youth Membership: (Attending children’s classes only.)

Family Membership:
Main member pays full fee; all others are half price.

Incidental Fees:
Yearly Aikido of Madison membership dues:
$15 (adult)
$10 (children)

Yearly ASU Membership Dues: (Initiated at 6th kyu test.)
$45 (kyu )
$75 (dan)

Kyu Tests:
$30 for 5th kyu (first test); $45 for all others. Click here to view our requirements for Kyu testing.

Dan Tests:
Determined at time of exam.

Payment Method Options

Pay by Check, Cash, Money Order or Automatic Bank Draft
Dues and fees may be paid via cash, check, money order or automatic bank draft. You may pay at the dojo or mail a check, or have your bank send a check, to: Aikido of Madison, 2219 Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI 53704. If paying by one of these options, please select “Pay via Cash or Check” when you checkout using the online payment form.

Pay Using Zelle
You can pay using Zelle, sending your payment to aikidoofmadison@aol.com. You can find out if your bank is enrolled in Zelle and find the app for your mobile phone at the Zelle website. If you will be paying via Zelle, please select “Pay via Zelle” when you checkout using the online payment form.

Online Payment
Choose between immediate online online payment via a credit card or PayPal by selecting, “Pay via Credit Card or PayPal” when you checkout using the online payment form.

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