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Class Schedule

Below is the general schedule for all classes that meet at Aikido of Madison. For a detailed searchable calendar listing seminar schedules and the schedule of rotating Sunday morning events, please see the “Events” Calendar.

Alternating Sundays:
Open Mat
(Open to All)
1st and 3rd Sunday

Ukemi Class:*
10:00 AM—noon
2nd and 4th Sunday
Basic Aikido:

6:00—7:00 AM
Basic Aikido:

6:00—7:00 AM
Youth Aikido:
9:00—9:55 AM

Advanced Aikido:
10:00—11:30 AM

Open Class (Open to All)
Monthly 1st Saturday
10:00—11:30 AM

2022 Test Dates:
October 22, 2022

Basic Aikido:
Noon—1:00 PM
Basic Aikido:
Noon—1:00 PM

Somatics Class:
3:00—4:30 PM
Basic Aikido:
6:30—7:30 PM

Advanced Aikido:*

7:30—8:00 PM
First Tuesday of
the Month ONLY:
Special Topics Class
6:30-7:30 PM
Topic to be announced
each month.
Youth Aikido:
5:30—6:25 PM

Basic Aikido:
6:30—7:30 PM
Aikido/Karate 12 & up:
(Indoor - Advanced)
5:00—6:25 PM
Basic Aikido Weapons:

6:15—7:15 PM

Basic Aikido:
7:15—8:15 PM

Please Note:

Inclement Weather: During the winter months or periods of inclement weather, youth classes will be cancelled per the Madison School District school closings. Please check the AOM Facebook Page for cancellation information.

Holidays: The dojo is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. Other holidays may have adjusted hours. Please check the AOM Facebook Page for cancellation information.

*Open Class: All are welcome to attend.

*Basic Aikido: Accommodates beginners and includes all; ages 12 & up.

*Intermediate Aikido: By permission of instructor.

*Advanced Aikido: Minimum 4th kyu and instructor approval. Individuals are expected to have good understanding of basic ukemi (responding safely to attacks).

*Ukemi Class: Open to dan-ranked (black-belt) students or those approved by Robin Cooper Sensei whose ukemi has been determined to at the appropriate level. We welcome dojo-cho and senior students from all surrounding aikido dojos, regardless of affiliation.

*Open Mat: Available to Aikido of Madison members and aikido students from other dojos.