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COVID-19 Mitigation & Information

Aikido was developed for the protection of life. With that in mind, Aikido of Madison has adopted a multi-layered strategy to address the risks of COVID-19, including mandatory vaccination, a mask policy, and multiple upgrades to our ventilation system. More information is available below.

Classes are open to fully vaccinated students, which means:
• Students 12 and up: you have received a bivalent booster
• Students under 12: you have received the most recent booster for which you are eligible
Masks are currently optional.

If you have not received a bivalent booster due to recent COVID-19 infection, contact us to establish your eligibility to train.

Click this link to download and view the COVID-19 Mitigation Infographic.

For training
Masks are currently optional for training. For this reason it is extra important that everyone continue to monitor themselves for possible exposure and symptoms and refrain from attending classes if there is any doubt.

For observing class
To observe classes, masks are required until such time as you document your fully-vaccinated status with an instructor.

Our upgraded air treatment and exchange systems remain in effect.

(covid-19 training policy)
The COVID-19 Training Policy is currently undergoing revision to reflect our change to mask-optional status.

COVID-19 Training Policy

We are following the Health Department and CDC guidelines and will continue to do so as we navigate this pandemic. In addition to the standard enrollment forms required to join Aikido of Madison, due to COVID-19, we are requiring the two additional forms listed below.

Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk

19 Hygiene Plan and Participation Policy

Click here to view and download all enrollment forms.

Our dojo community is available if your family is in need during this unprecedented time. Please reach out to your teachers or to Robin Sensei!

Bookmark this page for future reference. We will keep you updated as to the latest COVID-19 information for AOM as it comes available.

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