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Jaime Lam Sensei, Sandan (3rd degree black belt)

Jaime started his Aikido training in 2006 in Middlebury, VT at Blue Heron Aikido, and was drawn to the art’s emphasis on the responsible use of power. Studying abroad gave him his first opportunity to practice Aikido in Japan, where he trained at Seiseki Abe’s Ame-no-Takemusu Aikido Dojo. He later returned to Japan to work as a cultural coordinator and trained under the late Masao Ishii, a close student of Seigo Yamaguchi, for five years. After receiving his sandan rank from Ishii Sensei in 2015, he returned to the United States to pursue graduate studies in psychology, and was fortunate to find a new training community at Aikido of Madison.

Jaime teaches a twice per month Tuesday class that explores the significance and function of seated technique (suwari-waza) within Aikido training.

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